• SHERIFF’S COMMUNITY WATCH PROGRAM – We have been asked to participate with Blackberry Mountain in the Sheriff’s Community Watch Program. Major Mike Gobble, Gilmer County Sheriff’s Department is heading up this program. It will be more successful if both communities post signs at all entrances, alerting everyone that our communities participate in the Gilmer County Sheriff’s Community Watch Program.
  • SPEED LIMITS – The roads in our community are narrow and many areas have very limited sight distance. For the safety of residents, pets and other vehicles, please slow down, drive with caution and observe the posted speed limits. If you have visitors or service contractors, it may help to also make them aware of the speed limits inside the community.
  • SERVICE VEHICLES – Please remember the River’s Edge Rules 2012, “Section IV: D (e) If blocking of roadways is unavoidable, warning signs must be installed for the duration of the obstruction.” According to the Covenants, Article II, Section 2.01 (j) “No vehicles or automobiles may be regularly parked overnight on any road, except for vehicles operated by intermittent or periodic guests.”