Orchard Circle, by Brian McDaniel

Orchard Circle by Penni McDaniel

Updated August 2019- – Since 2017, we have had multiple bear sightings at different times of the day and night. While wild bears are intriguing, they are wild.  Unfortunately, feeding bears intentionally or accidentally can result in dangerous situations between bears and humans.   When bears have access to ‘easy-to-get non-natural’ foods such as garbage, pet food, birdseed, deer corn, etc., they will ignore their traditional natural diet (berries, insects, grasses and meat).  In time, these bears learn to associate the non-natural foods with people, losing their natural fear of humans, becoming a “trained” nuisance bear and may even become dangerous, having to be destroyed.  PLEASE for your safety and theirs, do not leave any type food out where it can be accessible to wild animals.  If you have visitors please make sure to pass this information on.  Thank you for your cooperation.