Thank you so much to all that regularly participate in our community chipping days! It is always a huge success. We are a Fire Wise community, so please keep all areas around your home and in our common areas free of debris.

THE NEXT CHIPPING DATE BEGINS APRIL 10, 2023. This is what you can do now to make it another successful event:

          1.       Place debris to be chipped in the right-of-way along the roadsides where it is easily accessible.

          2.       Keep debris set out for chipping to less than five inches in diameter. You do not need to cut longer limbs into piles of shorter limbs, as it is actually more time efficient for workers to process piles of longer limbs than it is to process piles of shorter limbs. Also, stacking debris so that all the limbs face in one direction results in less processing time.

Please be sure to check out more information on our FireWise community.